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  • Vincent Sell

The Earth

Right now we are abiding by an ethic, based in the Judeo-Christian faith, that values the earth as something here for us to plunder. It is not a thing of reverence. In that faith, the thing of reverence exists in the skies in a cloudy heaven. It does not exist here, among the living. We need to change that if we are ever going to give the earth, our habitat, the respect it deserves. There are those who do show their gratitude to the earth: they recycle, they are conscious of their purchases, they live simply, they pick up trash when out in nature. But these tiny gestures seem so futile, at times, in light of what is going on right now to our habitat on a grand scale. It feels like we could compost our asses off and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference in terms of preserving our environment. It’s not that these efforts are bad, it’s just that they are being undermined by the efforts of those with much more impact and power. But tiny gestures are very important. For, across the bridge of tiny gestures flows the mighty current of love. There comes a time, however, when tiny gestures will not suffice. A time comes when large gestures become necessary—sweeping gestures—and for these, what is required is not just gratitude, but bravery. Would the rich man risk his wealth for the love of the earth? Would the politician risk his status and reputation? Would all risk their life? This is the being that gave us life. She is the mother of all creation. How shall we repay her?

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Oct 08, 2018

Vincent, this little essay breaks my heart and gives me hope at the same time. It's beautiful.

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